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Gua sha stone for facial massage - Sodalite

Gua sha stone for facial massage - Sodalite

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Why Sodalit:

Sodalite is a rather rare stone, deep dark blue with patterns.
It helps us focus and express ourselves, which is why it is often called the "poet's stone".
Sodalite is a stone of organization, intelligence and communication.
ATTENTION: It is sensitive to water, so do not rinse it for too long.

· Encourages clear communication
· Improves focus
· Encourages the truth
· Strengthens self-confidence

Top quality and verified manufacturing quality - weight about 60 grams.
When it is exposed to UV rays, it acquires slight orange tones.
It comes in a beautiful, handmade velvet bag.

Try the Gua Sha ritual and in just 10 minutes a day feel the difference in the quality of your sleep, the morning glow on your face and the reduction of visible lines and dark circles.

    Read more about the benefits of Gua Sha stone for facial massage:

    How to use

    See the instructions from the graphic below or a short video of 10 minutes GUA SHA ritual 10 minutes a day .

    Before using Gua sha , clean your face and hands.

    Then, put about 10 drops of serum or oil on your hands, rub until you feel a pleasant warmth and apply.

    Feel free to apply a little more oil than usual, it is important that the crystal glides nicely on your face.

    Always hold the crystal as close to your face as possible, not vertically.

    Begin the massage and do it gently, with outward and upward strokes.

    Gently downwards on the neck to improve lymphatic drainage.


    With which oil?

    Choose an oil that you like, suits your skin and relaxes you.

    It is not recommended to use olive and coconut oil, since their molecular weight is higher and therefore do not penetrate deep into the layers of the skin.

    Jojoba, hazelnut, almond are base oils suitable for all skin types.

    You can put a few drops of essential oil in the base oil, but make sure that the oils are of good quality, gentle on the skin and not photosensitive.
    (such as tea tree oil).

    Frankincense, lavender, rose are a good choice of essential oils.

    Benefits of use

    · Improves circulation by 400%

    · Stimulates lymphatic drainage
    · Reduces the depth of wrinkles
    · Reduces morning puffiness
    · The most natural face lift
    · Relaxes facial muscles
    · Prevents wrinkles in sleep
    · Beneficial in cystic acne
    · Stimulates important acupressure points

    In addition, it helps clean uncirculated blood and toxins from the body - great for cold and allergy season

    The results are already visible after 2 weeks of regular use of only 10 minutes a day

    Crystal maintenance

    Crystals have various benefits and can positively affect our mood.

    When using them for face/body massage it is important to keep them clean. That's why it's great that our crystal comes in its own cute bag!
    After use, rinse it, leave it to dry for a while and store it in a bag.

    When you first get it, rinse it with water and ideally put it in the sun for a few hours, so that it is filled with positive energy.

    Repeat "charging" with the sun once a month , or more often if you have gone through a difficult period.

    Then, it is certainly good to additionally strengthen the cleaning with incense sticks (Sandalwood, Frankincense), scented candles (White Sage, Paolo Santo) and the like.

    Cleaning with incense sticks:
    Light the scent, leave the crystal close and together with the crystal feel the release in your body.

    The Enlight team wishes you many peaceful and enlightening moments!

    Shipping and returns

    We send with the DPD service , which means that the package is at your place within 2-3 working days! Delivery is HRK 30, and free after HRK 300 , or if you also order something from the copper offer.

    If you have not used the product, you can return it within 14 days of purchase. It is not possible to claim a refund for a used product.

    In case of dissatisfaction
    contact us at

    and we will take care of you.

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    Fast results, easy to use

    In the packet with each stone and bag , you also get instructions for simple and practical use.

    The beauty of the gua sha ritual is that it does not take much time. The relaxation you feel, as well as visible changes in the appearance and glow of your face , naturally encourage you to use it every day...

    Relax and shape your face

    With the gua sha ritual, which has been revitalizing faces around the world for hundreds of years.

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    Enlight quality

    Enlight is in direct contact with manufacturers and that is why each product:

    produced under fair-trade conditions
    controlled quality
    • skillfully crafted

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