Copper for the beauty of hair and skin

Bakar za ljepotu kose i kože

Is copper good for the body?

It is a question that you are regularly interested in and that we will be happy to answer.

Copper is not only good but also necessary for many bodily processes.

He is one of basic minerals which the body does not produce on its own, but which we ingest through diet and supplementation.

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral The properties of copper have long been known and recognized for their health, which you can read more about in this article.

But did you know that copper greatly affects the appearance of our hair? skin and hair?

Read below how copper benefits a youthful appearance and in which processes it participates in the body.

B akar (Cu) gives pigmentation to the hair and eyes, and slows down graying of hair

Melanin is a group of natural dark pigments that in our body is responsible for the intensity of the color of hair, skin, and eyes.
Likewise, melanin is responsible to protect the body from UV rays , which creates a tanned complexion.
Melanin can only be produced in the body in the presence of copper.

Therefore, by drinking water from a quality copper bottle, you ensure that your body receives enough copper, which effectively helps in prevention of gray hairs and loss of color / luster of the skin and eyes.
Likewise, to our skin when sunbathing took on a nice tan, which is helped by – you guessed it – copper.

With copper, the hands of the clock go backwards.

turn back the clock with copper

Copper for youthful skin

You must have heard the fame by now collagen and elastin. These are important fibrous fibers that make up the skin youthful, elastic and full.
Over the years, their creation declines, and because of this, lines and wrinkles from our daily mimicry begin to be etched on the skin.

Together with vitamin C, copper produces elastin , which helps connect and support the skin and make it supple.

Due to its scientifically recognized effects, today this valuable mineral is found in numerous anti-aging serums, SPF creams and other products for skin regeneration and reduction of pigmentation.

copper for beautiful skin

How to enter copper?

Copper is present in smaller doses in foods such as wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, spinach, brown rice, blackberries...

You can read how much copper is present in various foods - here.

A simple way to enter the daily recommended dose of copper is i
drinking water from Enlight copper bottles or glasses .
They are handmade from pure, high-quality copper of proven quality and enrich your water with this valuable mineral.

Unlike creams, the shelf life of this valuable product is - unlimited.

With the bottle, you get instructions on use and maintenance, and you can read more about it - in this article.

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