LIMITED EDITION - Chrome-plated copper bottles - for long-lasting shine

LIMITIRANO IZDANJE - Kromirane bakrene boce  -  za dugotrajni sjaj

If you are a person for whom health is first on the list of priorities, but aesthetics are also highly rated - we suggest Chrome Classic andChrome Drops copper bottles.

All the benefits of copper are now preserved in a shiny silver chrome coat.

Chrome is an expensive silver-white metal that can be polished to a high shine.
Until now, you could see it on rims, taps and other metal objects.

The most common reason for applying a layer of chrome is to increase the corrosion resistance of metals. In addition, chrome plating (application of a layer of chrome) helps to retain the shine and hardness of the metal.

For these reasons (but also realistically because it is attractive and appealing) we chose chrome to dress our Enlight copper bottles Chrome Classic and Chrome Drops .

Of the metals, only platinum and gold are precious metals resistant to corrosion.

Silver and copper are semi-precious metals, and they get a layer of black patina that protects the metal from further oxidation. On copper, this layer further develops into a greenish/blue patina (did you know that the Statue of Liberty is made of copper?)

As explained in this article , it is important to maintain copper dishes and clean the inside with citric acid / vinegar every 2-3 weeks. in order to keep its beneficial properties as long as possible. The procedure is simple - and you can find it here.

Namely, even though they are lacquered on the outside and shine beautifully for a few months, the Copper Classic and Copper Drops copper bottles eventually acquire a layer of patina that looks antique, which some people like, others don't care, and some don't want it at all.

Find your chromed copper bottle at a DISCOUNT on THIS LINK , and read about copper and its benefits on our blog

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