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Bakrena boca za vodu Enlight

Enlight incense sticks - 3 + 1 free

Enlight incense sticks - 3 + 1 free

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For your most fragrant moments - our best quality incense sticks.

We offer you 4 packages for the price of 3!

You get 2 packets of Sandalwood and 2 packets of Radharani sticks.
Each package contains 15 premium incense sticks.

Sandalwood: A meditative woody fragrance, widely known as a natural anti-stress

Radharani: Romantic, floral fragrance, uplifting, aphrodisiac

Incense sticks are always a wonderful gift, for example when you are visiting guests and you don't want to bring something too small or too big :)


Our emphasis is on a positive feeling, fair-trade exchange of goods and a gentle attitude towards the environment.
We do not use chemicals, artificial flavors and pesticides.

The ingredients are natural or naturally obtained mixtures of essential oils, resins, flower and wood components.

These simple but carefully selected ingredients, combined in balanced proportions, create an unforgettable aroma that is released as the stick slowly burns.

Turn your home into a spa, refreshing your space, body and mind with the unique aroma of Enlight incense sticks - a true premium selection.


Incense sticks are one of the oldest wellness products in the world. In Eastern traditions, they have been used for millennia - in temples, shrines and homes.

The sense of smell easily takes us on a pleasant journey - in an instant we find ourselves in a garden full of flowers or in a forest of fragrant sandalwood.

Our nervous system and mind relax more easily, and thus the body regenerates better.

That is why it is extremely useful to make a short scent ritual with incense sticks and relax our body from accumulated stress.

Try it, it's simple.

How to use an incense stick?

Light the incense stick with a lighter, let the tip burn and then extinguish the flame by waving your hand.

The stick will continue to burn for 45 minutes - an hour, releasing a pleasant aroma.

You can also turn it off halfway through combustion, then turn it on again later, when you feel like it.

Place it in a rack or some creative place, making sure the ashes (and embers) don't fall on a flammable surface like paper and cloth.

A good idea is to poke it into the ground from the plant.

Enjoy the aroma and the moment for you.

Shipping and returns

We send with the DPD service , which means that the package is at your place within 2-3 working days!
The delivery price is HRK 35, and free if you order the sticks with any copper item or over HRK 350.

If you have not used the product, you can return it within 14 days of purchase. It is not possible to claim a refund for a used product.

In case of dissatisfaction
contact us at

and we will take care of you.

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Turn your home into a spa

With a premium selection of irresistible aromas from Enlight incense sticks

Enlight is in direct contact with manufacturers and that is why each product:

produced under fair-trade conditions
controlled quality
• skillfully crafted