About us

Hey, nice to have you here🖤
Here you can find out a little about Enlight, a little about us:

Our inspiration

We are a young couple from Croatia, Dario is from Zagreb and Atesa is from Lošinj.
We met in 2013 and since then we have been developing together, both emotionally and professionally.

We decided to visit India together, then returned every year, and ended up spending 3 years of our lives there.

That's how ENLIGHT was born - in room number 6 of a cute ashram in the city of Vrindavan, where we realized - WOW, there are so many beautiful and authentic products here, but they lack quality.

So we decided to sort them out, perfect them and bring them to you.

Copper bottles

Our products

All our products are handmade, ecological, creative, unique.
We carefully refine Eastern craftsmanship to Western standards.

We believe in excellence and strive for it.
But we also believe in manufacturing, the power of nature and authenticity.

We are in direct contact with the manufacturers and that is why each product:
  • produced under fair-trade conditions
  • controlled quality
  • freshly made
  • skillfully made
  • unique
We cooperate with small and medium producers, which each new order
cheers more than you can imagine.

Scent sticksEnlight incense sticks

Enlight products are the result of diligent human work with careful use of nature's gifts.

By using natural materials and ingredients, it is easier to feel comfortable, balanced and grateful.


We thank you for your support, from the bottom of our hearts. :)