NEW - A bottle that enriches water with hydrogen

Hydrogen and its effects are the biggest discovery for rejuvenating the body so far!

Hydrogen reaches all cells the fastest and most efficiently and prevents their deterioration!

This is unanimously confirmed by more than 2,000 scientific studies.

The same pear, 6 hours after cutting

1 - pear exposed to air
2 - pear in plain water
3 - pear in water enriched with hydrogen
In this example, we can see how a high concentration of hydrogen works in our body.

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Bottles made of 100% pure copper

Drops for the playful, classic for the classic :)

Water from a copper bottle is 99%+ clean of bacteria and viruses - always

LIMITED EDITION - Chrome plated copper bottles

We recommend Enlight copper bottles coated with chrome! Since the copper surface oxidizes and darkens over time, we coated the copper bottles with shiny chrome - to make them more resistant and keep their shine for a long time!

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