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Our focus is unique, ecological products for health and beauty.

Since there are no intermediaries in the supply of our products, we can offer you fair prices.

Our quality and wholesale offer

Unlike many others, the Enlight copper bottle is specially designed for the Western market .
While others resell off-the-shelf Indian bottles, we personally designed our bottles from scratch.

This means - appearance, quality, marketing - everything is done with the European customer in mind.

What makes Enlight copper bottles the best choice?

  • Only Enlight copper bottles have been thoroughly tested at the renowned health institute in Croatia - the Ruđer Bošković Institute.
  • Enlight copper bottles are available not only in various Ayurvedic/alternative stores
    but also in official pharmacies throughout Croatia
  • So far, Enlight copper bottles are present in 15 different countries
  • We regularly visit the factory in India, personally monitor processes ,
    working conditions and regularly implement improvements

We are passionate about delivering the best copper bottles,
so that you and your customers are satisfied.

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Our mission

We want to see a world where people consciously take care of their health.

Drinking enough water is one of the easiest ways to boost immunity and feel good.

We are glad to associate with you in that mission.