How effective is hydrogen-enriched water for our health?

Koliko je voda obogaćena vodikom uistinu djelotvorna za naše zdravlje?

Water with hydrogen - is it something new?

Over 2,000 scientific publications, including more than 180 human studies, have been published on the therapeutic potential of hydrogen gas in the last 15 years or so.

Does this indicate that people have only recently become aware of the medical effects of molecular hydrogen gas (H2)?
Without realizing it, the benefits of hydrogen have been around us forever. In our body, more precisely in our intestines, there are even bacteria that create molecular hydrogen.

The following four stories show us the medicinal properties of natural water sources that have been enriched with it.

Four great historical stories about healings

Water from Lourdes, France - Miraculous healing water

Newsweek magazine published the story of a three-year-old girl who recovered from kidney cancer after drinking water from a spring in Lourdes, France. Ever since then, people come from all over the world to experience the power of this healing water for themselves.
In 2002, the Japanese TV show USO presented the story of how 5 million visitors come to Lourdes a year and how so far there are more than 3,600 cases of healing confirmed by doctors, including cases of people cured of cancer.

In the aforementioned show, this miraculous water from Lourdes was brought to Japan's Kyushu University, where Dr. Shirahata analyzed it and discovered that it was rich
active hydrogen.

Nordenau phenomenon, Germany

A few decades ago, when people drank water from a spring in an abandoned mine in the village of Nordenau in Germany, significant improvements in the health of the population were noted, in diseases such as diabetes, tumors, gastritis and enteritis.
This spontaneous healing has been called the "Nordenau Phenomenon" , and although it is less famous than Lourdes, there are more than 500 confirmed medical reports of healing . Japanese physician Dr. George Tseng studied the water from Nordenau and found that it also contained an abundance of hydrogen.

Hunza, Pakistan

One of the oldest ethnic groups in the world is called Hunza.
These people live in the north of Pakistan, in several high mountain valleys.
Many Hunza claim to be 150 years old; many are also documented centenarians.
Investigating the mystery of the Hunza and their longevity, scientists begin to believe that the miracle of the Hunza comes from the water they drink . Namely, the mountain water that flows into the villages of Hunza comes from the melting of the surrounding glaciers and you guessed it - this water contains the highest concentration of active hydrogen found anywhere.

The miraculous healing water of Tlacote, Mexico

More than eight million visitors a year to these healing waters located 300 kilometers from Mexico City. Numerous results have been medically confirmed, including the healing of the famous basketball player Magic Johnson.

The analysis showed that this water is also rich in active hydrogen.

Scientific interest in hydrogen-enriched water

The springs in Norden (Germany), Lourdes (France), Tlacote (Mexico) and Nadana (India) have shown a high power to treat chronic diseases, which prompted numerous researchers to scientifically analyze the ingredients of these miraculous waters.
All these waters have one thing in common - the water contains a high concentration of hydrogen, which in our body eliminates ROS (reactive oxygen compounds / oxidative stress) or the main cause of cell aging and disease.

To date, more than 400 studies have been published on ROS scavenging using hydrogen based on animal and human clinical trials.

How to get hydrogen-enriched water

Fortunately, you don't have to travel halfway around the world or climb any mountains to enjoy the benefits of a high concentration of hydrogen in your water.
Enlight Anti-age Hydrogen bottle allows you to easily, safely and quickly have water rich in hydrogen in your home!

Within 10 minutes, it will generate as much as 3 - 4,000 ppm of hydrogen particles in your water! The best part of the story is that water enriched with hydrogen is beneficial and completely harmless , so that its benefits can be enjoyed by children, pregnant women, the elderly, pets, and plants.

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